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Israel: trusts and succession

Alon Kaplan, Lyat Eyal & Meytal Liberman

Trusts & Trustees

5 July 2020

The Israeli Foundation refers to the legal structure of an Israeli private trust, created in combination with an underlying company to hold the trust assets. This article will focus on this structure, as well as on the creation of the Israeli private trust by way of a deed (Hekdesh) or by way of a contract. The article will continue by looking into the Israeli real estate trust, which is commonly created by a contract, and finally the article will explore the inheritance procedure in Israel and the issues arising from the conflict between
the Trust Law, the Contracts Law, the Succession Law and the Gift Law.

Article about last will


Trusts and intergenerational transfers of assets.

Trusts | Wills and Inheritance | Enduring Power of Attorney | Prenuptial and Joint Life Agreements | Transactions of Assets

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